Forged Modern: Steel Furniture that Replenishes, Built by Artisans in Recovery

“My design philosophy has always been to mix period pieces that are timeless with modern, with contemporary—playful yet grounded by pieces with historic relevance, as if Mick Jagger were to move into Versailles,” John Moinzad, founder of Forgedmodern.com, explains. 

John Moinzad, founder of Forged Modern, and his sister and business partner, Sasha Moinzad

John Moinzad, founder of Forged Modern, and his sister and business partner, Sasha Moinzad

“I use unlikely things such as chairs as sculpture. A clean, modern chair on a neutral background keeps the antique pieces modern. For upholstery, I always use fabric that people would wear, for instance leather, cashmere and linen. I complement those elements with silk pillows and I only introduced bold color in artwork or accessories that can be easily switched out to change the direction of a room without having to redecorate,” Moinzad continues.

“Customization is true luxury. I collect important antiques to use my clients’ homes and everything else I place in the rooms is classic couture. This ensures that my style is represented in my clients’ space. Yet no home I design will ever be a duplicate of another. No two of my clients wear the same dress. It provides me the opportunity to stay relevant. This ensures that clients’ homes never look like they spent the afternoon at the mall. Because no one should buy their furniture and artwork under the same roof as a Panda Express.

“Design is fashion,” Moinzad adds. “I always appreciate things that are edgy, yet timeless and comfortable.” 

 The Forged Modern showroom, open by appointment, is the newest addition to the hip River North Art District (RiNo) regarded as Denver, Colorado’s epicenter of dining and art experiences.

Forged Modern’s collection of artisan-crafted steel furniture made locally is the culmination of founder John Moinzad’s interior design business Thorn & French and his behavioral health retreat operations Ventanasretreat.com.

Forged furnishings are conceptualized, designed, engineered, and handcrafted. Produced by local artists and craftsmen in the recovery community, the line utilizes reclaimed up-cycled materials and a repository of references to art, fashion and architecture. The result being indestructible custom commercial, residential indoor/outdoor furniture.

“From great adversity comes strength. Just as the hardest steel is FORGED in the hottest fires, so too, we humans are forged and strengthened through our own struggles and triumphs,” said John Moinzad.